You probably know Nosa for “ALWAYS PRAY FOR YOU“, the popular graduation or most form of departing song, but Why you love so was one I mistakenly played from the same album as Always pray for you and I have not stop playing since then, about 8 hours now 😀

You’ve just got to love this track, it will lighting you mood, set you grooving all the Naija grooves (etigi, skelewu…) and the video; on point!!! Let me drop that here before going on with my ramblings. You won’t get tired of watching.


And what better package than message of the love of God.

See lyrics below

In fact, me i don know where to start
Me i no fit solvee maths
He dey blow my mind they go o
Because then
Wen my life no make e sense
Anyhow, you still remain a friend
Until now, na why you love m. so

Your love dey sweet for my head like fire
La la la la
The thing he dey catch my heart llike fire
La la la la
Your love he dey make my mind dey wonder
La la la la
Na why you love me so
Indeed, he dey hard me to believe
Say my life fit be like this
And it’s all because of you oh oh oh
Cause wen i need
If i ask you, you they give
If i vex you, you forgive
Na why you love me so

Your love dey sweet for my head like fire
La la la la
The thing he dey catch my heart llike fire
La la la la
Your love is taking me higher
La la la la
Na why you love me so

Na why you love me so (Till end)

* * *

Have you ever heard someone say that the BIBLE has the answer for EVERYTHING; issues, topics, situations; covering all aspect of life there is.

In case you have previously doubted the truthfulness of this statement, this new series here on lifegiva2.com will be proving exactly just that. Picking various topics and letting the bible give the answer. There, personal opinions will entirely be excluded as all the series will contain is a “copy and paste” direct from the bible answers, mostly in a contemporary English translation for easy understanding.

To be a part of this series, feel free to send in your topics or issues you will like to be featured to any of the addresses or mediums provided at the end of the post or through any of the BLOG AMBASSADORS that will be revealed soon (More slots still available though), remember, it can be about ANYTHING.

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THE HOOKER AND THE HOOKEE (i’ve not gotten the cool title yet 😉 )

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