It was always about one thing that my heart knew but my head never really could understand.

It was always about a presence so overwhelming the entirety of my being couldn’t withstand.

It was always about a confidence in the love gotten in God’s presence that in Jesus name I stand.

It was always about a knowledge that regardless of habits and disbelief, a perfect relationship in Christ I have, my flight cannot land.

Now I an understand my identity.

I am the son of a king, I have power, a reliable strong and sound mind.

I am the son of the king, I have authority with my father’s name so when I ask I find.

I am the son of the king, born to live noble, to serve, give value, respect other and be kind.

I am the son of the king, I have royal blood, irrespective of bad behaviour my home still remains the kingdom.

I am the son of the king with born with a spirit that resists negativity and failure I have liberty and freedom.

I am the son of the wise king bless with riches,privileges,experiences,guidance and wisdom.

I finally understand who I am.

I am the predestined, the called, the justified. I am the glorified, I am the proud son of the king of kings..


James Ohiomoba.

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