About Onyinye

My name is Onyinye. I am a very simple, friendly and hardworking girl. I currently work as an accountant in Nigeria. I am also a volunteer with the Slum2School Africa Campaign where we reach out to thousands of children in inner-cities, slums and IDP camps.

I am someone who is always happy. I love meeting people and making new friends. I am also very very playful and I laugh a lot. I also love cooking and trying out new recipes.

My number one strength basically comes from the fact that God has deposited so much joy that is abundantly flowing in my heart.

At a young age, I developed this strong conviction that there is nothing I cannot do through the power of the Spirit (Philippians 4:13). So with this, I’ve been able to break into new grounds and have excelled in my academics, my job and my career.

What I like about Lifegiva

Lifegiva is a refreshing blog where you get the  truth in a simple way. The stories are also very relatable and interesting to read.

Another thing I like about the blog is the titles of the blog posts, they are so well crafted & catchy that they make you drop whatever you’re doing and check them out.


I love to solve problems and add value where ever I am. My name is Azenda Aondover Daniel, am sure hearing my name you are wondering where am from…hail from Benue State, an Engineer, E Learning Trainer, IT consultant and enterpreneur. I am driven to help other people, bodies & organizations to move from the level of having potential to actualizing that potential. I love to learn & More often than not, the learning Process excites me so much I don’t look beyond that. So I consciously have to put what I learn to work.
I am a realist, friendly and sociable person, I am very attuned to the culture and people around me. I love to meet
and interact with people,it’s quite contrary to popular opinion, I like to see the best in people irrespective of what people’s opinion could be or is about them. I realize I like to learn in that manner too. Theory and abstract discussions completely lose me, I need tangible here-and-now stuff. Sometimes people say am too straight forward when I speak but that’s just the realistic part of me. Change your word today,to change your experience tomorrow.IMG_5383
‎I work at QIB Consulting Services ltd [Lax Information Systems Ltd], where we listen to people’s dreams, define a concept, create a strategy round it and execute to achieve clients goals using technology. In summary, we are full Engineering, IT and consulting agency we are into construction, cyber security, Training,creative application/software development capacity.

What I like about Lifegiva blog

I like that the lifegiva blog is real and simple.we get to listen to the truth in a way a lot easier to understand in the words of others that can easily relate to what you have gone through before. Many times we approach life issues from a point of ignorance, but if you get more understanding and from what I have read over the past months from Lifegiva, you would learn a lot more about living a God filled life as a young youth in Christ. We need to strive not to be left behind…the wind of revive needs to blows towards us.
It’s a place for man to dig ,it’s only God that can fill…we are not called to create the wave, we are called to ride the wave. Revival is not something a people create. It’s is the result,consequences thy begin when hearts begin to turn to God. Not genuine revival until God is touching hearts not minds. A great job guys, well done @lifegiva.com


Leye AdetonaI love to solve problems and add value where ever I am. My name is Leye Adetona and I am driven to help other people, bodies & organizations to move from the level of having potential to actualizing that potential. I love to learn & More often than not, the learning Process excites me so much I don’t look beyond that. So I consciously have to put what I learn to work (not just enjoy learning).

Being an extroverted person, I am very attuned to the culture and people around me. You’ll be surprised to know what it is to be an extrovert, it’s quite contrary to popular opinion. My close friend says I’m too structured and factual. He’s right. I realize I like to learn in that manner too. Theory and abstract discussions completely lose me, I need tangible here-and-now stuff. Sometimes I call myself a ‘doubting Thomas’.

IMG_6218I work at Grappleline ltd, where we listen to people’s dreams, define a concept, create a strategy round it and execute to achieve clients goals using technology. In summary, we are full digital consulting agency with creative application/software development capacity.

What I like about Lifegiva blog

I like that the lifegiva blog is real and simple. Many times we approach life issues from a superstitious or supernatural. Sometimes all we need is good common sense and God gave us that but we just like to complicate matters. A good job, well done @lifegiva.com

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IMG-20150731-WA006I am an Artist, Designer, Architect, Entrepreneur, Trumpeter, I’m very passionate about helping people get the best out of themselves, I try my best to be humorous but I just like to be myself. My belief in the death, resurrection and glorification of Jesus, makes all the difference and keeps a smile on my face and a burden in my heart to let everyone know this one every way possible
To be relevant is very simple; figure out people’s problems and help them solve it the most you can, you’ll get paid for it (most of the time) and you’ll be happy you did something nice to someone.
I’m into Art and craft, architectural design, graphics design, branding, printing, corporate identity development, brand management for individuals and companies, handmade greeting cards… I also do educational stuff like teaching people…

What I like about the blog

I love the simplicity and down to earth nature of the writers. It expressed the reality of our human nature and practical solutions. I love the fact that very awkward topics are not ignored and they are treated as simply as can be understood by anyone.
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From @anuseyi: Sunday flow with my baby @oluwashayurmih #lifegiva #LifegivaSunday

@anuseyi: @oluwashayurmih


YTu7hugl.jpg small

My name is Taiwo Oyewo “Anuseyi”. Born into a family of three. (Still fighting on who is the last born with my twin sister) I’m a 400 level student studying computer engineering. I’m a christian who loves God. I am kind of an Ambivert. Stuck in between an introvert and extrovert.  A huge fan of Lecrae and Man United. People often think at times that I’m proud but I’m just shy.  I am a talking drummer and as such it’s my hobby, I love it. And apart from being in love with my drum. I also play FIFA in my spare time  (not a pro). This wouldn’t be complete without me putting these two things; my favourite color being wine and I enjoy Juju music.People often say we are all the same but I believe we are different in our own unique ways. I believe my own unique features to be a DYS person and never giving up.  This is not to sound spiritual but my favourite part of the bible is Hebrews 4:16 because I’m an embodiment of grace.  Thank you.


‎What I Like about the Blog:

Lifegiva (giver) as the name implies oozes life. Not because it’s a blog I just love but because of the contents depicted on the blog, the writers of the articles.  Something that really fascinates me about the blog is the ability to bring the world into the spiritual. You don’t have to go to some sites before you get this knowledge. Like the time there was a post on limits to sex in marriage among others.  And also I enjoy the stories (even though I’m a lazy reader)


IMG_20150705_112636 My name is Kehinde Oyewo. I love people calling me Oluwasayo that of course is my third name not because I don’t want people to know that I am a twin, but because I believe that Oluwasayo is a unique and beautiful name, unlike Kehinde, that sounds “ibile” lol.Am a300l nursing student at Babcock university. I was born into the family of 3, with me being the only girl to be loved and cherished by two wonderful guys. Being the only girl is quite tasking though with no one to share the housework/cooking with when mum is away. But being the only girl is fun at the same time with no one to compete with u for money and some goodies 😉 .Growing up with a twin as a guy was fun. I could remember when we were small we used to fight a lot. There was a day I beat d hell out of him by sitting on him after getting tired of his oppression and I was provoked to act, don’t get it twisted I’m not a bully, I just needed to act.lol. I could remember when we used to rain abuses on each other too but thanks to God, all those times are over, our love seems to grow stronger as we grow and we still remain faithful to each other. We don’t hide things from ourselves.Now back to me, I am an introvert and am more of a listener ‘cos I believe there is more to know than what I have known. I’m a lover of God who yearns to av more of him cos I believe it’s only through Him I can be more than who I am and I can av more than with I have. I am a lady who strives towards change and believe I can be who have not been by leaving who I used to be.

I’m a Chelsea fan and a lover of dodo.


What I Like about the Blog:

One thing I like about Lifegiva is the realness. Its either it’s something that has happened, that is happening or that will happen. It’s either you have been through it or you are going through it or might prevent you from going through it.

Lifegiva to me its my guardian, just like the bible. Lifegiva is impactful and diversified. Each post read is a knowldge gained. Lifegiva is a unique blog that retraces the steps of the youth that wishes to make a difference in his or her generation. I enjoy every bit of Lifegiva!



grace amoka 2ABOUT YOU: I am a lady who loves God (far from cliché lines) and I’m at my best when I know I’m just where He wants me to be, doing what He wants me to. I love children and am passionate about the development of education in Nigeria. It’s not all been a ‘cake and cookie’ ride, but in the words of my covenant sister (Cicisoko) simply put; I’m a woman who God has helped.

A couple years ago, I’d have added something like ‘my favourite colour is pink’ to my profile. Now mind you, that’s a big deviation from the truth, as a matter of fact I loathe the colour pink (No offense to all you Barbie lovers). So why on earth did I stake a claim on pink??Simply because I thought I was supposed to. As though by some laid out rule it was a girl’s colour that should compulsorily appeal to my visual senses.


Other moments in my less than a quarter of a decade life, I joined the team of ladies who had cooking as one of their hobbies. That too is not the absolute truth. I engage in the art and act of cooking because it’s important we consume great food to survive.( I’m a big believer of taking good care of your body from the inside out). Now mind you, I do not hate to cook but then it sure does not count as a hobby. Again, I felt that as a responsible ‘becoming woman’ I needed to build extraordinary love for what would eventually be a plus plus in my ‘marriage CV’ (yeah I made that up).

So why the forceful declaration of love for the colour pink or adding something to my hobbies simply because I felt I needed to? At so many points in our lives, we find ourselves in the boat of trying to ‘fit in’ or shape ourselves into a mould based on what we think others expect of us. In the end we do not achieve this because we get frustrated trying to be all these different things for people that may not ever remember anything about us other than our present facebook status.

This short writing isn’t about telling you stuff you do not already know; you are unique. No one has the combination of talents and skillset as you in the same proportion coupled with the grand potentials if only you just reach inward for them. You don’t need to fit into anyone’s mould. In fact the world would indeed be a boring place if we were all John Legend. Who’d be the audience? God in His wisdom created variety for us to need each other and have all needs totally catered for.

So take that ‘little’ seed that doesn’t seem like much and put it in the ground. Cultivate it; water manure, prune, guard jealously. It doesn’t have to be anything popular. You’ll be amazed at the bounty harvest from that one little dream. You don’t even need to wait for a platform to express what you have. Create that platform and generations after you will be grateful you did.


What I love about lifegiva is the ‘realness’ of all the stories and other word pieces I find here. It’s like we sometimes feel alone in our troubles, secret thoughts and fears and then we come on this platform and realise there are people who have been there before. People who have faced the same struggles and come out bigger and better.

For me, I remember reading something on the death of a loved one and for the first time I didn’t feel so alone in my loss.

Lifegiva also creates a platform for people’s voices to be heard. Here, everyone stands a chance. The discussion forums help me look outside myself to the different views people have about the world around us and the various happenings. It builds a great learning environment.

* * *



Cecilia Ugah

Ugah Cecilia

I met Cece back in Uni in “Book writing” EDS practical class, I didn’t really know anything about her then except that she had a movie review blog, but NYSC orientation kinda brought us closer, then one day she said jokingly, “feature me as a Face of Lifegiva” and I replied her that it doesn’t come for free, but my price for her was to contribute something to the blog. Week long after that discussion has been forgotten she buzzed me and said, “I have a story for your blog”, and yeah, she shared her story, one of the most read in the smallest time space. I later found out that she was one of the first people to start reading this blog 🙂 . And so here she is;
cece1My name is Cecilia Chinonyerem Olayinka Ugah, a graduate of Accounting from the prestigious Covenant University.

I’m a chocoholic. I love reading novels and watching movies.

I love love love love children and one thing I want out of life is to touch as many children’s lives as possible.

I’m easy going, adventurous and I easily get bored. So I enjoy doing something, thinking of ways to better my life and the lives of others.

I’m a romantic and lastly, I love travelling.

What I like about the blog:

Let me first famz by saying I am one of the first set of people that started reading the blog :p. At first, I thought it was just one of those blogs where someone was just posting articles in a bid to change the world. But as time went on, I realized it wasn’t to change the world, but to change individuals. Reading articles on this blog gives me inspiration and also insight into the minds of different people and different events. The blog is a total package; life issues, entertainment and also very educative.

Let me also use this medium to say a BIG Thank You from me and on behalf of other people to whom you, Tolu, have given an opportunity to share their stories and even those who have learnt by reading stories. May God continue to increase you in wisdom and knowledge

 * * *


Mbanisi Kenechukwu

Mbanisi Kenechukwu

Eboji Otitochukwu

Eboji Otitochukwu


Dosunmu Oyindamola (Author of LITTLE WHITE FLOWERS)

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