Red-Red-Rose-roses-11662034-1280-800I entered the library to read my eyes out in preparations for my exam but I could not help but notice this funny sight. The young man is obviously lost in her charm, it is written all over him, looking back and forth. I don’t blame him, her flawless look and goddess-like figure cannot go unnoticed and that is enough to take an average young man’s focus from his books, exam regardless. He is not bad-looking himself, an H & C red flowery starched shirt on a snow-white pencil pant, I didn’t remember to look at the shoe, but it must be handmade Italian leather.

But what I don’t seem to understand is what is transpiring between this two, she is busy flaunting her Apple iPad-mini. I wonder if she did notice the handsome eyes all over her, maybe she does but keeping her pride, playing “if you want me, you have to man-up and come get me”. Though he’s got the charm and the swag, is he man enough? I wonder if he has flipped a page in the last hour.

At the time of penning this, (few moments after the act), she just walked away, I had to check the young man’s reaction, of course, his eyes followed her all the way.

Was he able to get his mind across? I guess you get nothing by just wishing but going for it.

I really wanted this dude to read this, I want to know if my suspicions were right but he left before I could make the move. Luckily for me, I met this guy the following day, walked up to him and told him of the story he inspired me to write. He looked kinda perplexed,I gave him my note pad and carefully watched his face enveloped in smiles as he read through the note. When he was done he laughed hard and asked, “Are you a journalist or something? You caught me big time”. We exchanged names and…

Thank you for reading my valentine’s special. Happy Valentine’s day.

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